Artistic Floral Designs That Everyone Can Do Easily

Have you ever wanted to bring the look and feel of a flower garden or floral landscape right to your fingertips so you could almost smell and feel it? Yeah, it’s a great concept to fathom, and why not try your best to do that! We can use a unique kind of worldly green along with some dots to imitate a small plot of tulips. Let’s look light and delightful with these cool and soft flowery designs. They are especially good for Spring and Summer seasons. We really like to use this “Persian verdant” pigment for it will make you feel brighter in dark environments and cool and happy in hot weather.

Artistic Floral Designs That Everyone Can Do Easily 2 Artistic Floral Designs That Everyone Can Do Easily

Well, let’s get started. Apply a clear base coat to protect them and to make your nail look clean. After that put on two layers of grass or verdant color.

Drop some glitter first on paper, and then carefully paint it on to the your nails’ tips by using a brush.

Get a dotting tool or find something equivalent such as a ballpoint pen make some yellow and white dots.

This fingernail pattern is not so difficult to make, won’t eat up your valuable time and it should match most green or floral apparel and accessories.



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